It’s Beautiful How Saintly People Think

Srila prabhupada

My guru Srila Prabhupad once was seating in his room and one of his student’s was sitting in his room along with him and Srila Prabhupad just looking at the floor with very grave expression just looking with tears in his eyes looking and it went on for some time and finally the student ask him you know is there anything I can do is there anything I can do for you he said yes did you see this insect here he is hungry he can’t find food on the carpet he said go out get a leaf come back in and very carefully let the insect crawl on the leaf and then put him on the tree so that he could find some food. Not everyone could have that extent of compassion for an insect but it’s beautiful to see how saintly people actually think there is a life loving person wherever there is life – Radhanath Swami.

We put so much of our faith in modern science and what the scientists say. Why? Because we see the results produced by modern science—all the facilities that make our life so comfortable.

On the other hand, it seems so hard to put so much faith in spirituality. Why? Because we apparently don’t see any results.

Keep in mind, that to look for results, we should know what results to expect.

While modern science aims to make the body more comfortable, spiritual science aims to make the mind and the soul more comfortable. And when that happens, the person is of reformed character, and displays godly qualities.

There are innumerable cases, both in history and in contemporary times when a person who was cruel and hard hearted became kind and soft hearted simply through practice of spirituality. So, therein lays the proof that spiritual science works.

In the above audio clipping, Radhanath Swami shares with us how a person on the zenith of spiritual perfection feels and thinks. Seeing such a person’s behaviour is to see spirituality in action.

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