When will the glories of the holy names reveal?

Chanting the Holy namesWhen we call upon Krishna’s name it is the most accessible and powerful way of remembering Krishna specially if we are attentive Krishna tells in the gita that he reveals himself to us according to the sincerity of our surrender in the same way according to the sincerity in which we call out or cry out krishna name Krishna will reveal himself he is always non different than his name but he reveal himself according to our sincere devotion – Radhanath Swami.

All the scriptures of the world in great detail describe the power of God’s holy names. And so many saints throughout history have shared their experiences in connection with the holy names.

But somehow, when we chant the same names, we don’t seem to experience as much. Are these glorifications exaggerations?

Radhanath Swami, in this short audio clip, explains how we too can experience the holy names in full.

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