God and Terrorism

terrorismandgodCan devotion to God cause sectarianism, terrorism and hatred towards others? That seems the case when you see the world.

Radhanath Swami goes deeper to explore the real cause.

“Where there is envy, Vengefulness, hatred, you can say that it’s in the name of God. It is in the Name of God, your god which is your –False Ego. Not the Supreme Lord God. The God that they worship is their ahankar- their own False Ego, their own Conceptions of I and Mine, their own self centred selfish perception of life, that what they live for and yes people create religions around their False Egos. And people will interpret ancient historical scriptures for the purpose of worshiping honouring and serving their false egos and that’s what bigotry is and that’s what hatred and sectarianism is. That’s what terrorism is all about. It has nothing to do about that. It’s imposing our own false ego and all of its hateful intentions in the name of God.” – Radhanath Swami.

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