Thus Spake an American Indian

chief-seattleLong ago an American Indian spoke out a wisdom. Its wealth we realize today. Radhanath Swami repeats those words.

There was an Indian Chief- not east Indian but American Indian. His name was Chief Seattle; Seattle Washington was named after him actually. And there is a famous statement, some say that he said it and some say other people said it…but whoever said it- it was a good thing to say. Essentially he saw when the Europeans came to the west- America. The Indians…..American Indians they were much more Vedic, in the sense that they really honoured mother earth, they considered the Earth and all the gifts of the earth to be sacred. And if you take something, you have to take it carefully with respect and honour and you have to replenish it, you can’t just take without replenishing in a good way. You cut a tree; you have to plant another tree. You grow a crop you have to do it in such a way that you are not plundering the earth, but you are nourishing and restoring the earth. It’s a natural science. And when the American Indian saw that Europeans coming they were just cutting and leaving things in waste, planting and ripping. What to speak of stealing all the lands from them themselves and putting them in prison camps and reservations. And he wrote something, he said “” Mother earth- Is like your bed, if you contaminate your bed, you are going to have to sleep in it. It’s a reality – Radhanath Swami.


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