‘Beauty of a Million Heads’

Lord Brahma“Krishna keeps them waiting and the person comes out, he says, oh ok 4 headed Brahma you could come in. But in meanwhile Krishna invited other Brahmas. So, when 4 headed Brahma came in, he saw an 8 headed Brahma, a 16 headed Brahma, a 32 headed Brahma, a 64 headed Brahma, a 128 headed Brahma, he saw Brahmas with hundreds of headed, thousands of heads and millions of heads. Now you may think, these must be some kind of freaks (laughs). How to get around with a million heads and one body, one body with million heads; would you like to be like that? You are thinking, it must be very ugly and strange and weird and deformed. But actually this is Krishna’s creation. His million heads means he is million times more beautiful and more wonderful than any of us. His is constructed in such a way that it’s absolutely beautiful. You see everything is relative. Just like if you have a forest with a million beautiful flowering kadamba tree, that’s better than even one, isn’t it? So Krishna creates in such a way that he is absolutely beautiful. Once you see a Brahma with million heads, then if somebody just has 4, you think, “My God! What’s that?” – Radhanath Swami.

In the above clip, Radhanath Swami describes the beauty of a million headed being.

Imagination stretches to the limit when we hear of extraterrestrial beings. Science fictions aid in further imagination. Yet, to imagine such beings as beautiful is difficult.

The Vedas speak extensively of extraterrestrial beings, and also tell how beautiful they are. Life in heavenly planets is described as millions of times more beautiful than life on earth.Among the higher beings is Brahma, who is believed to be the secondary creator of this Universe. (The primary creator is Lord Krishna.) Brahma has four heads.

One day Brahma visited Dwarka where Krishna stayed. At the gate, he sought permission from the gatekeeper to go see Krishna. The gatekeeper went in to inform Krishna. Krishna asked, “Which Brahma?” The gatekeeper ran back to the Brahma waiting outside for an answer. Brahma was surprised. He had thought he was the only Brahma who existed. “Four headed Brahma,” he replied.

What happened when he went in? Radhanath Swami explains in the audio clip.

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