Chanting in a Way to Attract Krishna’s Heart

radhanath swami A devotee gives his life to God, everyone is liberated by his influence. In the end everyone will be most proud and satisfied. That is Krishna consiouness. And this faith, this determination is what is required, otherwise there are so many obstacles, so much propaganda to divert our attention. And how is this faith and determination developed? practically by associating with people who have that determination. By hearing from them and by learning the process in that association of congregationally chanting the holy name of the Lord. Because, that way the holy name of the Lord in it of itself kali-kāle nāma-rūpe kṛṣṇa-avatāra. He is the full opulence of God himself incarnated through the sound vibration. ceto-darpaṇa-mārjanaṁ bhava-mahā-dāvāgni-nirvāpaṇaṁ. And you can cleanse the heart of all of these impurities and reawaken the natural of the nature of the soul which is unmotivated, uninterrupted loving desire to serve the Lord everywhere, at all times. But in order to chant the holy name properly we must develop proper service attitude. Srila Prabhupad used to tell us to chant sixteen rounds every day. And he told us all of our advancement is based on chanting of the holy name. So sometimes we would ask “why we are chanting two hours and for next twelve hours we are just doing all other services?” One time Prabhupad used this example often I was in New York city Srila Prabhupad said “all we are doing is chanting, dancing and feasting. That’s all we doing.” So some devotees you know they didn’t want to accept things blindly so they ask. “But what about we have to go out in middle of the winter and distribute books and magazines in the freezing cold?” Prabhupad said “No, all we are doing is chanting, dancing and feasting.” “What about we have to follow these regulative principals, to give up all nice sex and meat, intoxication and gambling? this is austerity.” “No no chanting dancing and feasting is all it.” “But what about we have to cook so many offer’s to the deities. We have to deal with all of our Godbrothers, who are fighting with us?” “No no all we are doing is chanting, dancing.” And then everyone was just completely silent. And Prabhupad looked at the whole congregational devotees and said so what are we doing? And they said “only chanting, dancing and feasting.” What can you say? It’s because factually everything we do is to prepare our consciousness to properly chant the holy names. It is a fact. Unless we approach the holy name in a humble service attitude Krishna will not reveal himself through his name even if you chant sixty four, hundred and eight, three lakhs of names everyday for the rest of your life you will never see Krishna in his name, unless you chant with a proper humble service attitude. Therefore if you are developing this service attitude by humbly serving the Vaishnavas throughout the day, then when you come to sit and chant Krishna will be attracted by your chanting then the quality of our chanting will attract Krishna’s heart. So let this be our firm determination. vyavasāyātmikā buddhir ekeha kuru-nandana. Let us not allow anything to divert our attention away from this. When we come together, the greatest service is to encourage and inspire one another to take shelter of holy name of Krishna. And what is the best way we can do that? By our own example to chant with great enthusiasm and feeling. Because whatever influence we create has tremendous effect on other’s lives. If during the kirtan we are like this thinking what is I am tired, I am hungry. He is been speaking too long. First he makes us dance in this hot room in April, Bombay and then he is talking for so many hours and we were invited for dinner. We know what kind of dinner’s they cook here. Why is he doing this to us? So that’s the way you are thinking during kirtan then everyone with your influence, everyone is just going to think about eating. And the longer we keep you waiting, the more you will enjoy Prasad. Because absence makes the heart go founder. Sambhog and Vipralamba, separation makes the meeting more sweet and delightful. But during the kirtan if we are really sincerely, honestly not as a show not trying to do some fancy dance to make everyone think I am a good dancer, no but with enthusiasm we just expressing through our body, through our words, through our mind we are expressing our seeking of the shelter of Krishna’s name. Mahaprabhu Caitanya he raised his arms when he would chant reaching out for the mercy of Sri Krishna, like a helpless child reaching out for mother. That is how we chant the holy name with enthusiasm and with life. And such a great service that is because it will enliven others to take shelter of the holy name. So let us glorify Lord Sri Krishna. Let us worship Sri Ramachandra by sincerely crying out the holy names.

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