Krishna reciprocates with everyone


Krishna wants to reciprocate with the love of all his devotees, because he is unlimited. The first boy comes to touch Krishna and Krishna open his arms and embraces that boy and Krishna feels the ecstasy of the love of his friend and friend experience the ecstasy of the touch of the body of the Krishna, he is just utterly thrilled in ecstasy to be the embrace by the Krishna but who touches the Krishna first by Krishna’s unlimited potency, as bhakti vatsala who is touched by all of his devotees, he expands himself to simultaneously be touched by every cowherd boy and embrace cowherd boy personally and they all thing they have touch Krishna first. Sri Krishna bhagavan ki jay !!! – Radhanath Swami.

Krishna reciprocates with each Gopa, by expanding and embracing each gopa. So, each gopa touched krishna first …!!

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