Life Is Short, Process Is Long; Will I Miss The Bus?

radhanath swami Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna maharaja, we are speaking about pure devotional service and the standard that we are supposed to reach, but seeing such a higher standard of pure devotional service that we are supposed to get. If, when we are trying but the standard which Våträsura is showing it, I think so it is so difficult and even if we don’t reach to the pure devotional standard we are not going to get the lasting peace or the lasting bliss of Krishna consciousness. So now the thing is that the ease is increasing, we have spent so many years in Krishna consciousness but the result is not coming up very less years are there in this material world and the attainment of the goal is not going to be achieved then we have missed the bus. So now that the age is small the time is less, the process is too long the lesson to be learned is too big. Now what to do in these circumstances because we also want to have the nectar, that pleasure that Våträsura is attending although the death is coming, but we are ready for it. We are not reached it. So can you just show us what the lesson is or how to achieve that thing in such a short span of time which we have in this material world and finish it off?

A: What you have spoken is very enlightening. It is the beginning of attaining our goal. To understand it’s impossible for me. As long as you think it is possible for you even in your devotional service you always be under the illusion that you are the doer.  Real devotional service is to understand it’s  impossible, only by the grace of Krishna only by the grace of Viashnava it is possible. Våträsura’s only desire in life was to be the servant of the servant of the servant. He wanted to die so that he could directly serve the servants of the lord. That’s all, nothing else! But he understood, that is was only possible by the lord’s grace, by the grace of the Viashnava. It is impossible for you and for me and all the rest of us. And that’s the beginning, to realize that it is impossible. I can’t do it. I have to give up thinking I am the doer and I have to surrender. But how do we surrender? Våträsura actually surrendered in faith to that thunder bolt. He knew this thunder bolt represented the will of Vishnu. That’s what it was all about. The thunder bolt was the representative of Vishnu.  If we simply perform our devotional service sincerely and cultivate faith that if I just do this service of chanting, hearing, remembering, doing some pujas, performing whatever service I am allotted. If I simply do that I don’t have to be some body big, I don’t have to be somebody small, if I just do it sincerely and understand that I am doing it for Krishna, I am doing it for guru, I am dong it for Vaishnava and it is their energy that will take me back to godhead. If I simply please them, by their mercy I will be taken back to godhead and you will be taken back to godhead. We simply have to perform our service however menial or great with the proper attitude and Krishna will take us back to godhead. That is our faith and that is our servitude and that is the truth. Yes. We have so many anrtahas. Krishna is not taking it all away because Krishna wants us to become more humble, he wants us to become more sincere. He wants us to cry out for his mercy more sincerely. And if we do that, he guarantees he will take us back to godhead. Prabhu Pad guarantees. Just do your service with proper devotional attitude Krishna will take you back to godhead.  So you didn’t miss the bus, you are on the bus and you are on the right bus. Hari Bol! But don’t get off. Because there are many stops and every stop there are so many restaurants and hotels and cinemas and so many other attractions. Just stay on the bus and just have faith that if I just stay on the bus with proper attitude Krishna will take me back home back to godhead. Internally we simply have to surrender with faith in Krishna. That’s the difference between a Bhakti and other processes. On the path of Bhakti we are completely dependent on Krishna’s mercy. Kolevecha Sridhar was just selling some banana leaves, some bananas and some flowers but he had complete faith in Krishna’s mercy and in the Viashnava mercy. That’s all cultivating that faith, by hearing these beautiful stories form Srimad Bhagvatam. nañöa-präyeñv abhadreñu Whenwe hear about  then we gain faith. We have to know what we should pray for what we should long for and what we should strive for. If you are striving for pure devotional service Krishna is going to give it to you. Definitely as long as you don’t change your mind. If you are striving for mixed devotional service Karma mishra Bhakti or gyana mishra Bhakti, Krishna will give you that. If you want fame, if you want prestige, if you want power, if you want control and you are doing your devotional service. Krishna will give you all that. You may not go back to godhead; you definitely won’t go Back God head for long time as long as that’s your aspiration. But even if we have so many material desires and so many obstacles and anrtahas within us, if your mind is fixed this is what I want I want to be humble, I want to be sincere, I want to be pure, I want Krishna as the center of my life, I want to be the servant of the servant of the servant. If you simply cultivate that desire as your ultimate goal to be the servant of the servant and you strive and orient your life to try to fulfill that desire you will definitely go back to god head, because Krishna sees your desire and he will intervene in your life. Preserve what you have carry what you lack. Does that answer your question? So you should be happy and hopeful providing you are on the right bus and you stay on.

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