Joy of appreciating others

Radhanath swami - Joy of appreciating others title=

One who is starving within, needs to get all sorts of adoration, prestige and credit, but one who actually has, is tasting Krishna within, doesn’t need that. Such a person feels infinitely greater pleasure giving credit to others. The amount of joy that we get taking credit for ourself is like, it’s like a drop of salt water when you are thirsty, just makes you more thirsty. The more credit you get, the more you need. The more prestige you get, the more you need. It’s like that, you are thirsty and you get a drop of salt water. Kind of taste, it tastes really good but it makes you more thirsty. But from the Vaishnava perspective when we actually learn the art, it actually for the heart, for the ego, this gives a little bit of satisfaction. It’s really that satisfaction just agitates you for more. But for the heart, there is unlimitedly more satisfaction in giving credit to others and seeing good qualities in others. That’s how a Vaishnava lives. – Radhanath Swami.

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