Hungry Heart of a Child


Not long ago I was in Chicago. The son of a person I know took me into his beautiful home. He had a basement and he must have had about twenty thousand dollars’ worth of toys and all sorts of computerised games for his son. Probably as big as this whole house was his basement. And the son always wanted something else.

Radhanath Swami speakingThe parents told me, “Whatever we give him, after a week or two he gets tired of it and he wants something else and we get him something else.” And I discovered they have no time for him. They are working and the child is lonely. The child is starving for affection, for care, for love and trying to divert his attention away with things. The wisdom of the redwood trees – that on the root level of our hearts, to connect with people, to care, to have compassion.

Our hearts are like our roots. Our affection for each other is the roots of our life. The heart is starving and sometimes in order to cope with that, instead of actually going within to find that love within us, and to share that love with others, we try to pacify it by just preoccupying our mind with things and more things and more things. – Radhanath Swami


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