The challenges to Bhakti in a city

Radhanath Swami on the challenges to Bhakti in a city

A simple life is conducive to bhakti. Now if we are reading Srimad Bhagvatam properly and hearing from our acharyas, even in a city, you can have simplicity in consciousness. But it is not so easy because consciously or unconsciously, we are very chronically addicted to controlling the environment. But bhakti is we adjust ourselves to the environment and adjust our consciousness to be grateful to Krishna, to realize our dependence on Krishna, whatever the environment may be. – Radhanath Swami.

Radhanath Swami in this audio clipping speaks of a simple lifestyle.

Modern lifestyle gives us the feel of being controllers. For example, when it’s too hot we turn on the AC, and when it’s too cool we turn on the heater; we communicate with whoever we want whenever we want; entertainment is  at the click of a button; all variety of food is available at a few minutes drive. Habituated to being controllers, one tends to be the controller even in relationships. And relationships don’t work when you try to boss around. Does this explain why relationships are so fragile in the modern world?

A simple life helps us cultivate the virtue of tolerance. We tolerate the heat and cold; we adjust ourselves to the inconveniences and go on with life. And this tolerance is exactly what’s needed for healthy relationships as well. Does this explain why relationships used to be so stable when life was simpler?

Relationships apart, simple life is conducive for the practice of Bhakti Yoga as well. Radhanath Swami explains in the clipping below.

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