Can’t we make the connection

Radhanath Swami
I was listening to a radio show and this lady from anti-cruelty for animals was boasting that how she saw someone tied their dog too close to a post and so she called the police because that dog did not have space to move. That person actually got fined. Then there were calls for questions to this lady on radio.
They asked, “What did you eat for lunch today?”
She said, “Hamburger”.
The person on the radio said, “You are so concerned about the dog just being tied too close to a post, don’t you see that for you to eat that hamburger, a cow had to have its throat slit, its blood flow and die. Can’t you see the connection?” She could not see the connection due to conditioning.

We first make our habits and then our habit make us. – Radhanath Swami

Habit is an act repeated again and again and again until it becomes our fixed behaviour, a fixed way of thinking, evaluating, and reacting to situations. Everyone is conditioned, conditioned by our activities and experiences in previous lives, conditioned by the environment around us, socially and culturally, and conditioned by the free choices we make every moment and every day. Through this process, we create our conception of reality.

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