Three basic views of this world

There are three basic views of the world we live. One is the very materialistic view wherein people see the world as the only real reality. Other is a Mayavad view, that the world is an illusion. And the third is the Vaishnav view that the world is the sacred property of God; it is real but it is temporary in its manifestation. – Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami speaks of three basic views of this worldIf this world is the only reality then, ‘Who cares? If we become millionaires and billionaires, then it really does not matter how many people suffer, because ultimately it’s about me.” That’s – the world is the only reality.

And if the world is an illusion, then, ‘Let’s just meditate and get out of this contaminated and filthy world forever. And let people do whatever they want with it. I am out.”

But this Vaishnav philosophy, this Gita philosophy is such an incredible key to the future of life, both in this world and beyond. In order to actually go beyond and actually get out of this world and attain prema and go to Krishna’s abode, we have to… in this world, treat it as God’s sacred property and treat every living being as God’s sacred children.

mamaivamso jivaloke jivabhutah sanatanah, Krishna tells – ‘Every living being is my part and parcel.’ aham bija-pradah pita, ‘I am the father and mother of every living being, wherever there is a life.’

– Radhanath Swami

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