Uprooting the weeds of bad habits

Radhanath-swamiAddictions are very deep; they are like weeds. If you cut a weed it just grows right back. If you cut it again, it grows back again. The more you cut it, the more it grows. And if you don’t cut it, it will strangle the flower of your consciousness. The only way to properly deal with the weed is to take it out by its root.
We have seen the second nature of habits, even saintly people who are on the path of morality, ethics and spirituality; they really, sincerely want to do the right thing. But still often times they are haunted by their previous conditioned habits, because since time immemorial we have been taking shelter of these alternatives to God. It is very difficult, very, very difficult. We must be determined. We must have proper discrimination.
Where do we get that strength? It comes from association. The quality of the engagement of the mind which is the pivot for all sensual organs must be changed. If we change the quality of our engagement of the mind that means thinking, feeling and willing, then naturally our behaviour, our actions will change.

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