How Spirituality Can Solve All World Problems


When the heart is pure when there is love of god awakened then compassion for every living being becomes our inherent nature what is more desperately needed in this world than the loving compassionate hearts, hearts that are humble tolerant forgiving respectful to all. Hearts that are actually well wishing hearts to our friends and our enemy that is the natural our soul that is what naturally comes about through the awakening of love of god – Radhanath Swami.

“What makes a nation?”

Callow as we were, just entering our teens, none of us could give a precise answer to this simple question posed by our school teacher. At last she herself answered, “It’s the people.”

Grownups can readily answer this, but how deep has the understanding sunk? We talk about reforming society; the more sincere ones even go the extra mile, but somehow we often miss the point—that unless we work on reforming the character of individuals that make society, we can’t achieve anything substantial at all.

Spirituality comes on the scene here, to reform character. Radhanath Swami elaborates in the above recording.

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